Turbine Parts

GTS can provide many parts at reduced cost and much shorter lead times to our customers as compared to larger OEM parts services. Even upon the event that reverse engineering is needed, we can often reverse engineer and manufacture the part in a shorter time period then the OEM can supply the part. Parts offered are of OEM standard quality or exceeded, we have the capabilities to reverse engineer parts and provide new drawings as well as. All parts are processed through quality control to ensure our parts are of the same or better quality as the OEM provided parts. Some parts we offer include:

-Complete Diaphragm Assemblies

-Turbine Motor Blading

-Seal Strips

-Seal Segments

-Valve Segments

-Valve Stems

-Valve Bodies

-Valve Discs



-Oil Seals

GTS has extensive reverse engineering capabilities which offer the customer another option for parts supply. All parts pass through engineering; NDE and quality control to ensure quality parts are manufactured and provided to our customers. Drawings can be provided along with parts.

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