On Site Repairs

GTS understands the importance of offering customers options to support their needs.  GTS can provide on-site repairs from portable lathe for rotors to boring bars for casings and bores. We can also provide certified welders for any casing, pipe or other welding needs. The benefits of this service are eliminated shipping times to off-site repair facilities and reduced customer risk with the elimination of equipment leaving site.

Off Site Repairs

GTS can provide off-site repair services which include rotor repairs, diaphragm repairs, valve repairs, and casing repairs. The benefit of sending equipment of site is the repairs are performed in a controlled environment and the tooling is often already set up. Diaphragm repairs are often performed in the shop due to the complexity of securing the diaphragm for milling of repaired diaphragms. GTS can repair turbine blading in certain circumstance where minimal cracking or FOD has occurred. GTS can provide repairs or correct blading blemishes to ensure maximum efficiency for the damaged area is achieved.

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