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Generator Turbine Services (GTS) is the solution to your steam turbine maintenance needs. We offer you a one stop, on-site contractor solution to all your turbine and generator service needs including, dis-assembly, inspection, recommendations, repairs, NDE, sandblasting, replacement parts, re-assembly and start-up support.


We also have the capabilities to repair your equipment either on-site or off-site at repair facilities. We specialize in servicing industrial size Alstom VAX, Siemens SST, and GE steam turbines along with Flender Graffenstaden, Renk and BHS gearboxes. We provide service within North America and South America.


GTS holds the highest standards of safety, quality and schedule. With our combined experience, we bring with us the know-how and skill to successfully execute and support your service needs. GTS provides services such as major, minor, gear box, valve and bearing inspections along with craft labor, tooling, repairs and parts to support our services.


A turbine with the top casing removed.
A GTS employee performing an inspection of a gearbox. Click here to continue to the Turbine Inspections page.


GTS provides complete services for all types of inspections including major, minor, gear box, valves and bearings. GTS inspection services provide the customer with a single point of contact for complete outage needs.


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GTS can provide repair services either on site or off site at repair facilities. Our repairs are engineered and inspected by quality control to ensure OEM standards are met or exceeded. Our portable machining capabilities offer customers an option to lengthy shipping distances and the risk of shipping equipment away from site.


GTS provides consulting services for customers in the form of stand-alone consulting or customer’s representation. We have experienced individuals whom will ensure on the customer’s behalf that outage services provided by the customer’s sub-contractor are performed and executed as the customer expected.

For additional information please call (850) 471-1101 or email us.

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Here at GTS we can produce OEM type quality parts, reverse engineer parts and provide new drawings as well as quality control to ensure our parts are of the same or better quality than the OEM provided parts.

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